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More Baked Fakes

Among the creative pastry chefs tempted by tasty trademarks, Elisa Strauss' c.v. is particularly impressive.  She is an alumna of Vassar, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Institute of Culinary Education -- and Ralph Lauren. 

Are such intense concentrations of calories permitted within the rarefied confines of the fashion world?  Apparently so, at least on special occasions.  The baker got her big break when she created a birthday cake for Ralph in the shape of his favorite sports car, a Bugatti.  Designer Elisa thus became Chef Elisa, and Confetti Cakes was born. 

The company's stylish history is apparent in some of its most elaborate confections, like this "Coach" handbag cake...

...or the sweet recreation of a shoe shopping spree, right down to the logo on the bag. 

Did Elisa perhaps pick up more than styling tips during her time at Ralph Lauren?  The designer himself was the losing party in a notorious French lawsuit filed by Yves Saint Laurent, who accused Lauren of stealing one of YSL's signature looks.  Of course, when it comes to copying, logos and clothing designs are subject to different legal regimes -- and Coach doesn't bake cakes.  Still, one wonders the copycat culture that led to Ralph receiving his just deserts hasn't also flavored Elisa's desserts. 

Of course, Confetti Cakes bakes everything from elegant wedding cakes to iced toys.  And with custom cake prices starting at $800, a true fashionista would probably skip dessert and go for the shoes anyway.