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Nosy Customs Inspectors

Some savvy discount shoppers examine handbags the way that picky produce buyers select ripe melons, using their olfactory expertise.  Real leather or fake pleather?  The nose knows.

Now the MPAA has found a way of sniffing out counterfeit DVDs as they pass through customs, using canine rather than human detectives.  Lucky and Flo, two black Labradors, have been trained to detect the smell of polycarbonates used in the disc manufacturing process.  While the dogs can't distinguish between original and copied movies, a test run in Malaysia showed that they can quickly identify shipments of pirated discs labeled as other merchandise. 

Can more little doggie noses, wrinkled in disgust at the smell of processed plastic purses or counterfeit cologne, be far behind?  Obviously the range of possible faux odors makes this a complicated proposition, but the idea is an intriguing one.