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Double trouble for celebrity designers?

Fleet Street is abuzz with anticipation for May 1st launch of the new Kate Moss line at Topshop.  However, not all the news is good.  A number of reports in both the UK and US focus on the derivative nature of her designs, whose chief inspiration seems to be clothes that Moss had previously worn

Kate Moss in 1998 (l) and in a KM

Beyond tabloid jabs such as "DupliKate" and "Copy Kate" established designers have been highly critical of the collection.  In fact, several have seized on the occasion to criticize celebrity labels as unoriginal and deleterious to the future of innovative design.  Here, for example, is the lively response of two-time British Designer of the Year Jeff Banks, who asserts that "to claim the product has actually been designed by the celeb beggars belief."

"Can Kate sharpen a pencil or draw a matchstick man? Banks asked. "I wouldn't put money on it. I'll bet [Kate Moss] just grabbed one of her many Prada bags, rifled through her wardrobe ... and turned up at Topshop's head office in Oxford Street for a quick hour's briefing with the in-house designers and buying staff." 

Malcolm Burkinshaw, a fashion educator & former Benetton designer, likewise observes that

looking at the Kate Moss range, every item is a copy of a piece from her wardrobe or a version of it, which isn't design, it's rip-off. The lowest ends of fashion do this.

Will the celebrity design bubble burst?