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Geneva Convention, Anyone?

As even the most staid news outlets have noted, Iran didn't score any style points with the ill-fitting grey suits issued to the released British soldiers last week. 

Now it turns out that Iran wasn't particularly attuned to trademark law either.  The shirts given to the crew were  -- you guessed it -- fake.  Counterfeit Hugo Boss to be exact, and not exactly up to the sartorial standards of Her Majesty's Royal Navy.  In the words of crewman Arthur Batchelor, "I could pick up a better outfit at a jumble sale."

Iran isn't yet  a member of the WTO, but it has joined several international intellectual property conventions, including the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks, the Madrid Protocol, and the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.  I don't know whether Hugo Boss has ever availed itself of trademark registration in Iran, but perhaps unfair competition law would nevertheless come into play.

And apart from IP issues, there surely must be a human rights violation here somewhere.