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Little Red Bookbag

Has capitalism finally defeated communism, or vice versa? 

In order to make a statement about the importance of China as an emerging market, and also about the need for greater cooperation in intellectual property law enforcement, Louis Vuitton has created a new Monogram Vernis.  Copies of the limited edition bag, which incorporates one of Andy Warhol's famous images of Chairman Mao, will be presented to Chinese officials at a summit meeting in Paris today. 

Happy April Fools' Day!

It seems that French is still unrivaled as the international language of diplomacy, as least when it comes to fashion.  But will the inevitable counterfeits on eBay be considered an act of war?

UPDATE:  Following today's negotiations, China has agreed to purchase Louis Vuitton's parent company, which will be known as LVMHPRC.  Adds one senior executive, "It was the only way to stop knockoffs."