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Counterfeit Coffee Break 4

Vacationing in Germany anytime soon?  If so, take a break from cathedrals, museums, and beer to visit the Plagiarius Museum outside Cologne, an entire institution dedicated to "innovation contra imitation." 

Among the institution's programs are the annual Plagiarius Awards, given to blatant copies of designed objects, frequently German originals.  The museum reports that some companies whose knockoffs have received the dubious honor have been deterrerd from future production or embarrassed into seeking licensing agreements.  The moral (because German folktales always have a moral):  Even if you can't bring a lawsuit, you can always name 'em and shame 'em -- especially online.

Among the 2007 award "winners" is the perfect pot for your counterfeit coffee break, originally by alfi and knocked off by the He Shan Jia Hui Vaccuum Flask & Vessel Co.:

And if you plan to do a bit of shopping during your visit, perhaps the museum will offer an original Reisenthel Accessories basket knocked off by, well, everyone (thus prompting the new Hyena Prize, presumably for copyists who hunt in packs):

Counterfeit confession:  When I first ran across a report of this museum, I thought it must be an April Fool's joke.  (Context is everything.)  Many thanks to my fabulous and fashionable student Suzana Carlos for setting the record straight!