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Art and Artifice

Against a backdrop of global concern over counterfeit goods and artistic frauds, Forged Realities, a recent art show in Beijing, took on the question of real v. fake.  Ten artists, including Stephanie Syjuco of Anti-Factory and the previously featured Counterfeit Crochet Project, contributed works in the categories of fake goods, fake narrative, and fake artworld (in contemporary China), under the curatorial direction of Pauline J. Yao.  

To open the exhibition catalog, Yao offers the following quotes:

Truth becomes fiction when the fiction's true;

Real becomes not-real when the unreal's real.

--Cao Xueqin

Starting out from the demand of "forgery in place of original," passing through the contemplation of "forgery or original," and even surpassing the dialectics of "forgery and original at the same time," we finally arrive at the viewpoint of "forgery as original," which at the moment offers perhaps the greatest perspectives:  In an age when the confidence in authenticity and trust has been shattered, to direct a beam of light at the twilight concealing the distinction between forgery and original, with a painful brightness that provokes clarification and reaches the most secret corners of personal existence, with a brightness to which we cannot close our eyes, this is perhaps the most that art can do. 

--Janos Gyorgy Szilagi

Just the thing for a Monday morning meditation.

Crochet Bag Project displayed in Forged Realities