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Double Trouble 2

Is it something about being twins, mirrored in the flesh since before birth?

Or is it simply a matter of being celebrities, assuming (often correctly) that many fans are also would-be impersonators?

Whatever the creators' impetus, at least one look from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's new line, Elizabeth and James, takes the same closet-driven approach as the new "Copy Kate" Moss line for Topshop.  The sequined minidress below was, WWD generously reports, "inspired by one of Mary-Kate's vintage finds."  Quite literally, it would appear.

Legally, of course, there's no issue -- even if there were intellectual property protection for fashion design in the US, vintage looks would be fair game. 

So come fall, we can all be Olsen twins. 

Enjoy the summer while you can.