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Rock this Anti-Knockoff Trunk Show!

Femme Metale anticounterfeiting trunk show

Rock-n-roll jewelry designer Leslie Homan doesn't bite -- but sometimes she'd like to.  Her line of edgy silver baubles, Femme Metale, has been worn by everyone from Angelina Jolie to Avril Lavigne.  It's also been knocked off by everyone from...well, never mind. 

Yes, jewelry is protected by copyright.  Sometimes, however, a designer wants to appeal directly to her fans, rather than entering the labyrinth of the law.  You can join Leslie at the Rock and Roll Emporium (that's RARE to the carnivores out there) in Huntington Beach, California, on Tuesday, May 8, for an anticounterfeiting trunk show.  She'll not only show off her creations, but also explain how to tell real from fake. 

Just the thing for Mothers' Day -- assuming that Mum is a former groupie.