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STOP! In the Name of Law

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Government yesterday issued the 2007 Special 301 Report, which surveys the state of intellectual property rights worldwide.  Like any government document it has its share of acronyms--the name of the current U.S. anti-piracy initiative is STOP!, for Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy--but it also contains a lot of concrete information on legal developments around the globe.  As usual China and Russia are the primary sources of dissatisfaction, although government officials and industry alike have taken the occasion to note that these countries have also made significant progress.

The most disappointing aspect of the Report, however, has to be the removal of the Bahamas from the Watch List due to ongoing improvements in IPR enforcement.  Surely there's need for a just a bit more investigation--say, sometime next December through February?  

Authentically Bahamian