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The Chattering Classes

For your humble blogger, April and May have been a blur of lectures and debates on intellectual property law and fashion, organized by everyone from the Copyright Society in New York to the Festival International de Mode et de Photographie in Hyeres, France, and punctuated by the reintroduction of the Design Piracy Prohibition Act as H.R. 2033 (formerly H.R. 5055).  Have PowerPoint, will travel.

It was a relief, then, to put up my heels and let someone else do the talking for a change.  William M. Borchard, an author of the first draft of the bill and still a supporter, invited friends, clients, and colleagues to a breakfast seminar to discuss not only fashion law but also current business strategies, courtesy of Marc Beckman.   Although Bill noted that design legislation has been introduced 90 times in 93 years to no avail, he's still in favor of closing the legal loopholes that leave fashion designs largely unprotected -- a man after my own heart. 

Either that, or we're both part of the Red King's dream