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Don't Cut that Cake!

Is there any part of a wedding that can't be faked?

Between amateur knockoff artists sneaking forbidden cameras into their appointments at bridal boutiques and deceived brides lamenting the gift of faux engagement rings or wedding bands posing as pure platinum, it's enough to turn the most starry-eyed romantic into a counterfeit-spotting cynic.

Still, there's something amusing about the latest entry in the imitation bridal market:  fake cakes.  Covered in icing and decorated to look like the real thing, these tiers of Styrofoam are intended for display at the reception.  After the happy couple cuts into a secret spot containing a slice of real cake, the fake is removed to the kitchen -- preferably with some dramatic staggering by the waitstaff -- and slices of an ordinary sheetcake are served to unsuspecting guests.  Then, in the case of CakeRental.com, the stand-in is returned to its specially designed shipping crate and sent back for the next time.  Sort of like your great-aunt's porcelain monstrosity of a wedding present, destined to be re-gifted over and over again. 

Tune in next time for the blow-up groom....

Many thanks to Karen Quartuccio for the tip!

P.S.  A public service announcement for budget-minded brides:  You may have missed last year's fast fashion feeding frenzy involving Victor & Rolf's wedding gowns for H&M, but other cheap chic chains are getting into the act.  This weekend's WSJ gave top marks to Isaac Mizrahi's "Trapunto Bell" design for Target, USD $159.99.  Why settle for a knockoff when the real designer will provide one for you?