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Fashion Roadkill

Pucci prints are often imitated, but never duplicated -- not legally, anyway.  Not only are the designs subject to copyright protection, but each one also incorporates the company founder's first name, Emilio, scattered throughout.  According to the Pucci website, this trademark-savvy move marked "the debut of a designer's name as an external logo." 

Legions of lesser lights have nevertheless been "inspired" by the Prince of Prints' color-mad designs, but apparently creating a successful swirl of vibrant hues is harder than it looks.  Consider the latest entry, from NASCAR no less, which shall henceforth be known as "the Pucci knock-off so blatant that the Manolo gasped when he saw it." 

NASCAR shoe -- really.

Even given that one wouldn't expect much from a NASCAR line of high-fashion shoes, what is it about Pucci style that's so hard to imitate successfully? 

Counterfeit Chic is tempted to call upon the distinguished team of scientists who have demonstrated that no, Jackson Pollock wasn't just dripping paint at random, and no, your child couldn't have done the same thing with a squeeze bottle of Hershey's syrup.  Surely if Pollock paintings have turned out to incorporate fractals, "the fingerprint of nature," some fashionable grad student should be hard at work measuring the trajectories of Pucci's swirls as well. 

Fashion may be an art form, but why not a science too?

Many thanks to His Superfabulousness for saving the world from ill-considered shoes, one foot at a time.