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She's Got a Secret

When I was a girl, older and ostensibly wiser relatives used to warn, "You don't just marry a person, you marry the whole family."  If that's the case, then this woman really picked a winner:

Postsecret fake engagement ring

Source:  The Secret Lives of Men and Women, the latest Postsecret book.

Of course, a true romantic would argue that if the husband really didn't know that the ring was phony when he proposed, it doesn't matter. 

Even the family might be excused, depending on the circumstances.  Did they know the stone wasn't a real diamond?  Or was there more sinister motive, such as an attempt to avoid passing a valuable gem to a less-than-valued daughter-in-law?  Then again, perhaps the artificial bauble once had genuine sentimental value -- who wouldn't want to inherit great-grandma's version of the CrackerJack ring from Breakfast at Tiffany's?  (Not to mention the one used in the movie, which Sotheby's could probably auction off for considerably more than an actual gold band.)

Whatever the true story here, a bride can't be too careful, given the state of modern gemology -- as Counterfeit Chic warned last June 1. 

And a would-be groom who proffers a knockoff engagement ring is engaging in very risky behavior -- which may be why our disillusioned spouse labeled her symbolic shackle "plastique." 

P.S.  For a discussion of the law governing engagement rings (although not what happens if, years later, a ring is discovered to be fake), see Professor Rebecca Tushnet's interesting and insightful note, Rules of Engagement, 107 Yale L.J. 2583 (1998).