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Don't Be a Knock-Off Nigel

Is laughter a useful counterpart to law in effecting social change?  The UK Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness thinks so -- and has created a hapless character named "Knock-off Nigel" to be the butt of its campaign. 

Here's one fairly traditional public service announcement (all fun & games 'til the lesson at the end)featuring the "shabby, pub-going rogue" and the sale of fake DVDs: 

And a more lighthearted musical interlude at the pub, in which an abashed Nigel is accused of everything from buying knockoff DVDs to giving his girlfriend a watch he found on the street.  Apparently Nigel is not just fond of fakes but a real cheapskate, the kind who never buys a round of drinks, etc. 

With Nigel-related quips on everything from commercials to beer coasters, the Industry Trust is hoping that he will become a stock character and that social stigma will attach to his piracy-promoting activities.  Of course, not everyone approves.

UPDATE: And still more from Madisonian.