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Macy's meets MTV

Around the same time that Macy's was exploding Fourth of July fireworks over New York's East River, MTV designer Rich Browd was exploding at Macy's. 

The reason?  According to an email forwarded to Counterfeit Chic, Macy's lifted a T-shirt design for the MTV Store and "plastered it all over handbags in its flagship location," Herald Square, New York. 

The good news for MTV is that while neither typefaces nor short phrases are subject to copyright protection, graphic designs are -- and the substitution of "Macy's" for "MTV" is hardly convincing evidence of original design.  And while as an employee Browd probably doesn't hold the copyright himself, when MTV's lawyers get hold of this photo, the real fireworks should begin.

Many thanks to my creative Fordham law student Kevin Bodenheimer for the tip!