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Downtown Goes Downmarket

Downtown style is about identity, not merely geography -- and for the past season, the YSL Downtown tote has ensured that celebrities and like-minded fashion followers can carry their neighborhood aura wherever they go.  Naturally, knockoffs haven't been far behind.

Check out the original YSL Downtown in leather from Saks (left), and the Fashion Express style from Nordstrom:

Or the black patent version of the Downtown from Bergdorf Goodman (left)and the About Attitude imitation, both with additional hardware:

Sharp-eyed Counterfeit Chic reader Lara not only noticed The Bag Lady scolding the otherwise stylish Nordstrom for carrying a disreputable copy, but later saw the same copy at Burlington Coat Factory -- marked down to USD $7.99.  Lara pronouced the knockoff "obviously fake and trashy," with a bottom that sags and distorts the shape of the bag.  

And whether your goal is uptown elegant or downtown cool, a saggy bottom isn't part of the picture.

P.S.  Love the design but not the price?  Bag Borrow or Steal has a metallic pewter version that will take you wherever you want to go.