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"I'd rather go naked than wear fake Chanel"

After Courtney Love was busted for wearing fake Chanel couture to Paris Hilton's birthday party, she wrote an "in-depth letter of apology" to the angry designer, offering to make amends. 

The result?  A Lagerfeld/Love-fest in the current issue of Harper's Bazaar, featuring not only Courtney making good on her preference for nudity over fakes...

Courtney Love

...but also a shot of the former offender being fitted in the real thing.  As Love learned, when it comes to couture quality, there's really no comparison.  Among other differences, "Mr. Lagerfeld had made his gloves out of eagle feathers with black elastic.  Mine were spandex and maribou."  (Article here.)

Courtney Love and Karl Lagerfeld

A most gracious response from the couturier, who shot the photos himself, and skilled PR alchemy all 'round. 

HT:  Oficina de Estilo.