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Lock Diary, Lose Key

After one fashion assistant's roman a clef became a best-selling novel and a hit movie, knockoffs inevitably followed.  The lastest entry is The Fashionista Diaries, a reality TV show that drops 6 interns into Fashionworld, including the offices of soon-to-fold Jane magazine. 

One of you will have to tell me if there are any featured fakes, since after 20 minutes of manufactured enthusiasm, awkward on-the-job flirting, and staged performance reviews, I doubt I'll tune in again.  In the meantime, one intern has already declared her allegiance to knockoffs in her online profile:

Right now, I'm loving my Steven by Steve Madden black patent leather Mary Janes --- because they look like Manolos!

Well, maybe. 

The Steve Madden shoes that most closely resemble both those on said intern's feet and the beautifully balanced creations of Manolo Blahnik (left) are the "Vyxen" style (right) -- but the master has little to fear.  Apart from issues of craftsmanship, placement of straps is a tricky matter.  Perfect location highlights the instep and makes arch reference to the flat, round-toed Mary Janes of childhood; a too-high strap merely shortens and widens the leg.  Unfortunate -- but internships are about learning, I suppose.

Manolo Blahnik (left) and Steve Madden 

There is one good thing to come out of the not-terribly-revolutionary show, however:  great ad graphics.