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Off With Their Heads!

Stories of private-label manufacturers appropriating designs or doing deals with competitors are quite common.  A complaint recently filed in Nevada offers a new twist, however. 

According to the allegations, wholesaler Shylaa Creations provided convertible dresses and skirts made from vintage saris to Instyle Trends, which sold them under its own label.  Instyle also photographed the items for a brochure, which Shylaa liked so much it wanted to use as its own.  Although Instyle denied permission, Shylaa went ahead and used the photos on its homepage -- after having first altered them by removing Instyle's marks, changing the coloring, and cutting off the models' heads.

Below is a sample of the photos filed with the complaint.  The first set is allegedly from Instyle and the second from Shylaa Creations.  Shylaa Creations does not concede InStyle's claim that its photos are slightly altered copies.  You decide.

InStyle / Shylaa Creations 

Perhaps Shylaa believed that it could avoid claims of copyright infringement by using only portions of the photos.  If the claims are true, however, heads are likely to roll. 

And if not, Ichabod Crane may have found his true love at last. 

UPDATE:   Defendant Shylaa Creations' attorney does not wish Counterfeit Chic to report the above allegations, which are contained in a federal complaint.  As is apparent from the post ("According to the allegations...." "Perhaps...." "If the claims are true...."), Counterfeit Chic takes no position as to the allegations' accuracy. 

 I do, however, take a position on the legitimacy of reporting allegations of copying.   The post stays.