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Standing Behind S1957

Not content to just drop a bill in the hopper and head off on vacation, Senator Chuck Schumer today held a press conference in support of S1957, the Senate version of the Design Piracy Prohibition Act.  Joining him were Rep. Jerry Nadler and a formidable phalanx of fashion folk including Jeffrey Banks, Narciso Rodriguez, Nicole Miller, Marc Bouwer, Richard Lambertson, Yeohlee Teng, Dana Foley, Susan Posen (CEO of Zac Posen), Stan Herman, and Steven Kolb. 

Both lawmakers noted the need to close the loophole in intellectual property law that leaves fashion unprotected, unlike books, movies, or music.  As Nadler put it, "Kate Winslet's movies are protected from pirates.  Kate Spade's handbags are not." Of course, Winslet is British, so if she were to create handbags, her national law would protect them as well -- but you get the point. 

Now if we could only get these guys out of their standard-issue dark suits and red ties -- in August heat and humidity, no less.  I suppose some things you just can't legislate.   

For those of you who have been asking about the text of S1957, here's a preintroduction copy as submitted, complete except for the current list of co-sponsors.  Stay tuned for the official version.  

UPDATE:  For more on S1957 and HR2033, read on:

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