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Zipping Along

Cheap knockoffs are usually about instant gratification -- but Steve Madden is allowing customers to preorder the Larrk (right), a blatant copy of Christian Louboutin's Caracolo, down to the signature red soles.  

Louboutin Caracolo v Steve Madden Larrk 

Risky business -- not only because shoe lovers hate to wait, but because now Louboutin's lawyers have time to seek an injunction. 

UPDATE:  OK, the red Steve Madden Larrks have a red sole, but the leopard version appears to have a leopard sole, the black & white houndstooth version a houndstooth sole, etc.  Independent design decision or a subtle undermining of Louboutin's claim that the red sole is nonfunctional trade dress, not dictated by any particular design necessity (including the need for harmonious or matching colors, a form of aesthetic functionality)?  Time will tell.