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Coco is Dead -- Again

Maybe it's a monument to ego, and a pilgrimage site for couture-clad devotees.

Maybe it represents an ardent fan's determination to take her wardrobe with her.

Maybe it's another creative statement about an iconic brand. 

Or maybe it's artist Laura Keeble's meditation on branding and iconography -- or, in her words, "belief systems and idol worship." 

That's quite an analytical burden for a bit of polystyrene, plaster, and paint -- but then, Laura's work (scroll down) is nothing if not thought-provoking.  Of course, if she ever actually decided to go into the headstone business, it could also be trademark infringement suit-provoking, but happily the law gives some leeway to art.  While the graveyard's groundskeepers might not be amused,  Laura can rest in peace, at least from an intellectual property perspective.

P.S.  To pay a virtual visit to Mlle. Chanel's actual grave, click here -- you can even leave flowers.