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Cradle Robbers: Rock Your Baby v. b squared

Motherhood is about sacrifice.  No, I don't mean giving up cigarettes or alcohol as soon as that extra blue line appears, the pains of labor, or the burdens of childcare. 

I'm talking about color.

If Dorothy's technicolor transition from Kansas to Oz represents a world of brand new perceptions and possibilities, then the first vial of pink-and-blue prenatal vitamins handed over by a smiling pharmacist is an aesthetic regression to the safe and insipid.  Sure, developmental psychologists have confirmed that babies love bright  colors, but that doesn't keep traditional designers from swaddling them in pallid pastels.

The Aussie designers behind Rock Your Baby, a pair of sisters who also happen to be "young, inner city, rock-n-roll loving mothers," set out to change all that.  As of late 2000, cuddly bears and princesses were "out" and skulls and crossbones were "in," with striking results: 

Rock Your Baby T-shirt - Australian $26 (USD $20)

As Caroline and Johanne set their sights on expansion within the U.S. market, however, they learned that one of their designs had preceded them.  Hip L.A. boutique Kitson was already carrying a "Bad Girls Rock" infant tank top by the label b squared -- at nearly twice the price. 

b squared tank - USD $38

Rock Your Baby reports that its design has been available online since 2002 and has also received press coverage in the U.S.  While skulls have been a favorite symbol for the last few years, moreover, these are virtually identical, down to the love heart on one tooth. 

Presumably Rock Your Baby's copyright lawyer has a few colorful phrases ready to describe the b squared design -- and "amazing coincidence" isn't one of them.