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Frontier Justice: Anna Sui takes aim at Forever 21

Watch out, Forever 21.  There's a new sheriff in town. 

Anna Sui, one of many designers lining up to accuse the fast fashion chain of copyright infringement (complaint here), has moved the fight onto her own territory -- creativity.  Guests at her Spring 2008 runway show received parchment-colored T-shirts with "Wanted" posters depicting Forever 21 founders Don and Jin Chang, a.k.a. "Don Cassidy and the Sundance Jin." 

Anna Sui also took the opportunity to remind the Bible-quoting defendants, who print the phrase "John 3:16" on their shopping bags, that Christianity actually comes with its own legal code.

But I'd like to think that Anna took particular pleasure in drawing mustaches on her alleged copyists.  Waiting for the legal system to respond is all well and good, particularly when there's a strong cause of action and a notorious wrongdoer on the stand.  In the meantime, a bit of humor hits the mark.

Nice shooting, Ms. Sui.

P.S.  For another designer's Fall 2006 Fashion Week commentary on copying , click here.  If you can't beat  'em, mock 'em.