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Knock Knock

Need you really ask who's there?  It's Forever 21, this time copying a dress by Kate Moss for Topshop.  Of course, Kate herself was widely panned by fashion cognoscenti for copying this dress -- and a number of others in her line -- from her own closet. 

Kate in 1998(left), Kate for Topshop (£60), Forever 21 ($24.80)

Whatever Ms. Moss may think of "her" frock's still cheaper American cousin, neither she nor Topshop has much of a case.  Even if U.S. law did protect dress designs, as in the U.K. and many other countries, Forever 21 could simply claim that its version was based on the same original as Kate's -- and take its chances against the actual designer.  Assuming, of course, that the original isn't a vintage gown already in the public domain. 

Is it actually likely that Forever 21 just happened to be "inspired" by the same dress at the same time, rather than by the dupliKate?  Given the flimsiness of any claim that Kate might bring, and the fact that she wouldn't exactly be going to court with clean hands herself, we'll probably never have a legal answer.  Then again, we hardly need one.

Thanks to Counterfeit Chic reader LiliAna, who considers fakespotting "a true sport" -- which makes her a world-class athlete.