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Mad(den) about Louboutin

Steve Madden's lawyers may have convinced him to stay away from Christian Louboutin's signature red soles, however reluctantly, but that apparently hasn't kept Steve from raiding Christian's closet in search of new designs.  Check out the Louboutin "Criss Cross Vamp Pump" (left) and the Steve Madden "Becki":

Perhaps the most amusing thing about the Steve Madden website is that the company actually boasts about its founder's alleged design prowess.  Consider the following statement: 

Steve Madden, the footwear fashion mogul of the 21st century, has immersed his company into virtually every aspect of the fashion industry. With his primary success and initial endeavor as a shoe designer, Mr. Madden has maintained the direct day-to-day responsibility for the design and marketing of the company's trend setting shoes for the past two decades.

Perhaps Mr. Madden doesn't think that continuing to design shoes is an "aspect of the fashion industry"?  Or maybe that "initial endeavor as a shoe designer" has been replaced by an easier exercise?  At least Madden doesn't blame an uninspired design assistant for the shoes' suspicious similiarity, but takes "direct day-to-day responsibility" for his products.

One does wonder, though:  Who is this "Becki"?  And is she flattered?

Once again, many thanks to keen-eyed reader Lara, who deserves to be named a Counterfeit Chic deputy -- though I'm sure she would never add spurs to her fabulous footwear.  Gold star! 

P.S.  More on the Louboutin red sole watch here