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Hat Trick: Did Gap Copy Wildhagen?

Somewhere up in Canada (head north; can't miss it), a small company called Wildhagen is making charming little hats.  It gets cold up there.

Down here in the U.S., hats are back in style as well.  It may be the unpredictable weather, it may be the influence of Prada's turbans and Marc Jacobs' wide-brimmed beauties, or it may be that celebrities need to cover bad hair extensions. 

Whatever the reason, hats have gotten so popular that Wildhagen belives theirs have been copied -- by Gap.   

The design duo behind Wildhagen, Sheri Wildhagen and David Greig, note that they introduced the Krys Cap for Fall 2006 and sold over 150 in Canada and several dozen at Barneys in New York, while Gap began selling its Jockey Hat this season.  They add:

We are not flattered. The Gap is an enormous company with limitless resources. We are a small business with a child to feed and rent to pay.

Sheri and David presumably already know that U.S. law does not protect their design, since their website initially threatened legal action and now instead indicates that they will "pursue every means to gain fair compensation."  In other words, they will have to go to Gap's door and knock, hat in hand.

Perhaps bringing along the adorable little moppet pictured on their website will help.

Many thanks to discerning Counterfeit Chic reader Mimi Fautley, who confirms that Gap's hat resembles Wildhaven's in every respect -- "except quality of execution." 

P.S.  Stylish heads will also enjoy the collection of another milliner who's been fighting fakes, Tracy Watts.  Coincidentally, she's Canadian, too -- but based in New York.