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Zadig & Voltaire Tee'd Off at Gap

Within global fashion community, the U.S. is notorious for permitting design piracy.  Has one of America's most recognizable brands now attempted a daring raid in foreign waters?

French label Zadig & Voltaire has sued Gap, Inc., for allegedly copying Z&V's "Tunisien" T-shirt -- and selling it in Z&V's home market, where imitation is actionable.  The French style costs 79 euros (approx. USD $110) and the American version 29 euros (approx. USD $40). 

While a number of sources have reported the dispute, perhaps the most interesting is this one.  It reads like an internal memo from Gap, with headings including "situation," "objectives," "audience," and "tactics."  The "strategy" is to argue that "[n]ot once has Gap been in a legal copyright situation like this and we will use that in the press."  Hmmm.  The "timetable" is 3 days -- so look for a publicity blitz any minute now.

Pirate ship or battleship, has Gap sprung a leak? 

Many thanks to both the gracious Frederic Glaize of Le petit Musee des Marques and fashionable law student C. Pearson McGee for alerting me to the case!