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Channel Surfing

Poor Gabrielle.  She was literally born misspelled -- as "Chasnel" rather than "Chanel," in a hospice for the poor.  Apparently neither her mother nor the illiterate staff could spell her father's name, so the mayor took his best shot.  Over a century later, people are still struggling with her name...


...which is as good a reason as any for just using "Coco." 

Having lost one of the Fs in "Scaffidi" to an immigration error a couple of generations ago, I have to commend Mlle. Chanel for sticking to an accurate spelling, whatever the proper authorities might have thought.  From now on, I think I'll write "return to sender" on junk mail addressed to Scafaldi, Seafidi, Scafadi, Scafade....

And while I'm working through the stack on my desk, check out the Asian Garden Mall set from Sullyt64 for t-shirts from fellow orthographic victims "Versage" and "DNKY."