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Matter v. Antimatter

What happens when a real designer meets a fake handbag? 

Kate Spade presumably spent years stepping over and around (and perhaps even on) counterfeits of her work on the sidewalk outside her Soho boutique.  When she saw a phony fan carrying a replica of a new style, however, she crossed the street to investigate further.  The guilty party -- who recognized Kate immediately -- claimed that her husband had purchased the bag.  But Kate is still feeling the hate, according to New York magazine.  "Anytime you ask someone, they say that," she muttered. "'I don't know, it was a gift.'"

Real Kate Spade label

Fake Kate Spade label

It may take a designer to spot a fake a 20 paces, but Kat at IHateCounterfeitBags.info has made it her mission to keep the rest of us from being fooled.  Compare a real Kate Spade label (top, note the spacing between letters) with a counterfeit (bottom), and then head over to Kat's website for more on the finer points of fakery.

And should you find yourself having made a faux pas, watch out -- Kate's approach is a bit more stern than Jack's