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Puckish Portrait

Sean Avery is a hockey player whose dream job is running a fashion magazine.  Judging from the appropriation artwork gracing his walls in tomorrow's New York Times Magazine portrait, however, he won't be landing many ad pages from Chanel.

The piece is signed "Ermanksi," presumably Brian Ermanksi, a.k.a. the Prince of Elizabeth.  The street artist and vintage resaler seems to have a particular resonance with Chanel, since his painted room in the San Francisco Hotel des Arts also includes "a quick spray-can rendition of a Chanel #5 bottle."  He's certainly piled on the details in this work -- in addition to the giant logo and quilted background, he's dressed his blue-haired model in pearls, a pendant with the number 5, and signature cap-toe pumps. 

Then again, the double C's may simply be the modern outlaw artist's corporate icon of choice -- not necessarily a bad thing for a venerable fashion house seeking to stay relevant, even if it sets some trademark lawyers' antennae quivering.

P.S.  Staying in the Hotel des Arts is a most interesting experience, even if waking up inside a contemporary art installation can be a bit disorienting -- definitely worth a look.