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Accept No Substitutes

November isn't exactly an inspirational month.  Chilly rain, grey days, dead leaves -- even Thanksgiving dinner is often marred by those icky little marshmallows scattered over otherwise perfectly respectable sweet potatoes.  (Yes, I can feel the waves of outrage from those of you who wouldn't sit down at the table without the promise of those sticky-sweet globules.  On the other hand, I just got out of having to prepare candied yams, perhaps forever.) 

Imagine my surprise, then, when I turned over the page of my Cavallini & Co. vintage ad-themed calendar to find the following November gem:

Judging from the fact that the Borsalino company has been producing hats since 1857 -- and the distressed look on the monkey's face -- the real thing is "inimitable" indeed.  Interestingly, the official Milanese stamp on the ad is dated 1923, a time of intense debate over creation v. evolution -- and just 2 years before the famous Scopes Monkey Trial in the U.S.  We may share more than 96% of our DNA with chimps, but apparently the style gene is pure human.