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Gourmet Spam

Every bright new technology casts a shadow -- and for email, that dark side is spam.  You can fight it with filters, you can unsubscribe from as many lists as possible, you can delete it...or, like artist and illustrator Linzie Hunter, you can embrace it.

Linzie was inspired by the spam one-liners in her inbox to create a series of "experiments with hand lettering" -- a nice complement to her digitally created work.  Think there's nothing in particular to be gleaned from junk email?  Behold the soul of a spam:

Repl1ka Watches from Linzie Hunter's Spam One-liners

"Repl1ka watches," with its clever emphasis on the "look," is Counterfeit Chic's favorite, naturally -- but don't miss the rest of Linzie's incredibly creative cultural commentary!

UPDATE:  Select prints available at Thumbtack Press -- for less than the cost of many "repl1ka" watches!