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Grand Theft Auto

Some goods are purely functional.  Others serve mainly to express the identity of the owner.  And still others -- like designer handbags or the latest electronic gadgets -- do both.  Automobiles clearly belong in that last category -- just check out eco-trendy Prius dude in the next lane or mid-life-crisis guy in the red convertible at the stoplight. 

But why stop with an off-the-lot model when custom interiors and elaborate paint jobs are available?  Sheepskin seats, fuzzy dice, and flames painted on the hood are just the beginning.  While Louis Vuitton may not have appreciated Britney Spears' automotive homage, other LV fans worldwide are taking their brand loyaties out for a spin.

Thanks to OmniBeetle01

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Thanks to MizzHanabi

Click these pics for a closer look and more detail -- but don't delay.  Unless these rides are speedy enough to outrun the long arm of trademark law, the result could be an auto-da-fe.