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Funny Girls

Think the idea of dressing your wee bairns in genuine designer labels is a bit premature?  So does Deadly Girl Couture -- but the label isn't above poking a bit of gentle fun at the idea. 

Check out Gucci Coo, Louis Spitton, Pradada, Dolce & Grandpa (and Dolce & Grandma, naturally), and finally Burpberry -- complete with the Burberry knight transformed into a rocking horse.   

Deadly Girl Couture Burberry parody

Best of all -- and perhaps helpful should the need of a parody defense arise -- there's not a bit of plaid in sight. 

Of course, the Deadly Girls will no doubt want to keep close watch on a case involving the similarly brand-conscious comediennes over at Haute Diggity Dog (appellate decision pending after oral argument before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on September 26 -- stay tuned). 

Many thanks to brilliant and distinguished Fordham law grad Brit Payne for the tip.