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Fine Dining at Smugglers' Cove

Some dining options can be as tough as shoe leather.  And some actually are shoe leather -- counterfeit Nike shoe leather to be exact -- labeled as "refrigerated noodles" for purposes of avoiding customs inspection.

The U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan has announced the breakup of a major smuggling ring, with 10 people arrested and $200 million in fake fashion items seized, including counterfeit Coach wallets, Burberry handbags and Polo Ralph Lauren and Baby Phat clothing, as well as the creatively labeled Nike Air Jordans.  The operation brought goods into New York from China with the assistance of $500,000 in bribes -- to an undercover customs agent.  Now that's using your noodle. 

Shipping container with counterfeits inside (WWD)

Want to hear more about what's on the menu in Chinatown?  Join WWD reporter Liza Casabona as she talks to strangers and walks down dark alleys.