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Christmas Shopdropping

Maybe your motto is "shop 'til you drop."  Or maybe, if you're an independent artist, it's "drop 'til they shop."

After Christmas Day, the calm eye of the holiday shopping storm, prepare to re-enter the retail fray -- and keep an eye out for "shopdropped" items that don't quite belong.  Like the tribute to Three Wise Men (Karl Marx, Mikhail Bakunin, and Che Guevara) that appeared unannounced in a California Target store. 

Such faux merchandise occupies questionable legal territory along with appropriated shelf space.  Does it comply with labeling laws and safety regulations?  Does it make unauthorized use of trademarks?  Does it fraudulently imply an association with the store? 

But shopdropping also provides a commodity that no gourmet fruitcake, Santa sweater, or electronic excrescence offers:  food for thought.

Merry Christmas from Counterfeit Chic!