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Project Runway: Pattern Recognition

Were the Project Runway judges on last week's episode blinded by the bedazzling on Season 4 contestant Victorya Hong's winning prom dress (right)?  Jennifer at Jezebel.com, who noted the similarity between Victorya's design and a dress designed by PR Season 3 finalist Mychael (formerly Michael) Knight (left), thinks so. 

Of course, the jeweled neckline also resembles that of Season 3 designers Kayne Gillaspie and Robert Best for Miss USA, Tara Conner (below).  Could it be that Victorya, rather than inadvertently copying Mychael, has cleverly nailed the judges' style?  Or adapted a general trend?  Or perhaps simply tapped into our collective desire to see the same thing over and over again, but with a twist --the pushmipullyu psychological phenomenon explored by Murketing genius Rob Walker in his latest Consumed column? 

Whatever the source of the resemblance between Victorya's and Mychael's dresses, at least the desire of Project Runway viewers for a seasonal copying scandal has been satisfied.  For a walk down memory lane, check out the duplicative moments from Season 3 and Season 2

And in the meantime, sign me Counterfyt Chic.