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Versace Victimizes Louboutin

When President Andrew Jackson learned of the Supreme Court's decision recognizing Native American sovereignty in Wooster v. Georgia, he allegedly retorted, "John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!" 

It seems that Donatella Versace has taken roughly the same attitude toward Christian Louboutin's recent registration of his signature red soles as a U.S. trademark.  Counterfeit Chic has confirmed that the red-soled shoes appearing (on Gisele, no less) in the current Versace ad campaign are not in fact Louboutins. 

Spring 2008 Versace ads

Presumably M. Louboutin has already taken appropriate legal action -- and the disapprobation of the fashion blogosphere will do the rest.  But perhaps he should throw a few Medusa heads into his next collection for good measure? 

Thanks to the elegant and erudite Clare Sauro for sending the Fashion Week Daily link!