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Camera Tricks: Volvo Copies Karl Lagerfeld

Not so long ago, Volvo was all about safety.  Not anymore -- at least when it comes to the automobile company's advertising.

Volvo, capitalizing on Karl Lagerfeld's reputation as a photographer as well as a designer, decided to copy him.  Not once, but (by my count) 17 times, for a Swiss ad campaign.   

Swiss Volvo ad

Apparently the ad agency was counting on Karl's sense of humor and on interviews in which he'd challenged others to copy him.  It seems that the the designer's words were not meant to be taken at face value, however, and that he takes his rights of publicity seriously.  Lagerfeld, who has worked with BMW and Audi, commented after learning of the campaign, "It's not the chicest car I am promoting — without knowing I did it.

The Karl clones will not be making a repeat appearance.