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Vote for Counterfeit Chic!

Counterfeit Chic is most honored to be nominated for a Fabbie award! 

No promises regarding getting the troops out of Iraq, universal health care, or even a ban on the wearing of Crocs, but Counterfeit Chic will stay the course with news and analysis from the realm of law & fashion.  So sign in, click on over to the "Indie and Niche" category, and vote!


Many thanks to a truly fabulous trio of fashion and lifestyle bloggers, The Manolo of Manolo's Shoe Blog, Tina Craig of Bag Snob, and Lesley Scott of Fashiontribes.com (with the help of Sam Francois of Papierdoll.net, as well as Flux.com and Glam Media) for the nomination. 

Now, what to wear....