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Counterfeit Chic on NPR: Kudos to Kojo

Last week Kojo Nnamdi of the Washington, DC, NPR affiliate, WAMU, hosted a discussion about the Design Piracy Prohibition Act -- which, perhaps predictably, turned into a bit more of a debate than either Kojo or his expert producer, Tara Boyle, probably intended.  Nevertheless, Kojo did an amazing job of framing and directing the conversation.  And from my perspective, it's always amusing to find my opponent so clueless about the actual issues as to be essentially reduced to arguing, "Well, Congress doesn't know either!" (not true) and making up stories about the origins of the legislation (also not true).  (Hint:  It's the many creative designers out there who are asking for protection -- and in fact, they're asking for less protection than their counterparts in Europe, Japan, etc. currently enjoy.)