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Gossip Girl

Why bother with crossword puzzles when you can test your cleverness with blind news items?  Fashion blog Jezebel's model mole, "Tatiana," reported the following from New York Fashion Week:

But Friday afternoon, well, rocked. I was working for a designer -- or, let's face it, design team-- that, like Wednesday's, steals shamelessly from vintage fashions, then reproduces them at minimal cost in the massive industrial sweatshops of China and Indonesia, only to charge absurd markups back home, and is owned by a parent conglomerate that also holds a sheaf of other global brands. Its founder is noted for having once donated to Rick Santorum. Yet I can muster nary an ounce of outrage; everyone was just too damn agreeable.

Apparently the fashion world is so fickle that mere pleasantries can dissipate the sternest ethical objections.  The real question, however, is what label the pseudonymous catwalker might have been referencing. 

A key clue here is Rick Santorum.  The president of Urban Outfitters, Richard Hayne, stirred controversy a few years ago when the chain advertised T-shirts with the slogan, "Voting is for Old People."  The media subsequently noted that Hayne had donated a substantial sum to the conservative Pennsylvania senator.  Who has since lost.  Badly.  (And somehow that T-shirt hasn't reappeared this year....)

Urban Outfitters also owns Free People and Anthropologie, the latter of of which previewed a new line called Leifsdottir during Fashion Week.  And yes, Anthropolgie is known for being, ahem, somewhat less than original, though vintage items -- as opposed to new designs still in production by their creators -- are free for the (rag)picking. 

So, whether Leif's fair young daughter has a dark side or some other brand has been cutting a few design and production corners, someone was watching.  And whispering.

Is it she?  Polaroids at Leifsdottir.