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Knockoff News 77

A weekly (or thereabouts) collection of news about counterfeits, fakes, knockoffs, replicas, imitations, and the culture of copying in general around the globe:

And finally, just how many of the customers slipping into the "secret," counterfeit-stuffed cubbyholes off New York's Canal Street are actually reporters?  If the number of feature articles built around such trips is any indication, quite a few.  Truth be told, Counterfeit Chic may have been asked to accompany one, or two, or three...

But the popular press junket may be history, thanks to a too-acquisitive, uncritical, and unapologetic piece from the Miami Herald:

Even the ostensibly cautionary sidebar concludes by noting that "casual buyers are unlikely to be busted" -- before offering shopping tips in the form of "homework" for future counterfeit customers.

Readers, including the IP manager for Coach, excoriated the paper for promoting illegal activity, leading its ombudman to offer a tepid semi-apology and a promise not to buy any more fakes himself.  No word on whether the "journalistic porn" actually increased circulation.  Or whether the paper reimbursed the reporter's $215 outlay. 

Thanks to Kate Lee for the tip!