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Art Attack

In today's art world, where investing in old masters can lead to ruin, is it any wonder that a French street artist would have a series of solo shows  -- and be represented by a gallery besides? 

ZEVS is known, among other things, for his billboard "bombings," in which he targets commercial images with a spray can and lets the paint drip where it may.  A recent series, "Liquidated Logos," takes the graffiti concept one step further, matching the paint to the original trademarks and allowing it to run:

As Kultureflash inquired during a recent London exhibition, "Vandalism or art?  Activism or commercialism?  You decide." 

One thing's for sure:  The employees of Chanel -- and Nike, and Apple, and McDonald's -- assigned to clean up after ZEVS have quite a bit of work ahead of them.  As does his legal counsel, for that matter. 

P.S.  Check out Sergio Rossi's spring collection for the perfect pump to wear to a ZEVS exhibit:

Sergio Rossi Spring 2008