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Guessing Game

Vaudeville comedian #1:  Guess who's been shopping at Gucci?

Comedian #2:  Guess?

#1:  Yes, Guess!

#2:  I don't know.

#1:  Guess!

#2:  I told you I didn't know!

#1:  I said, Guess!

#2:  Why don't you just tell me?

#1:  Guess!

[Comedian #2 tears at his hair and attempts to throttle comedian #1.  Slapstick violence ensues.]

Still wondering what all the fuss is about?  Check out these pics from stylish Counterfeit Chic reader Hunner Cordell, who went looking for Gucci shoes (top) and found...well, Guess.

Gucci men's sneaker USD $370

Guess Melrose men's sneaker USD $98

Given that Gucci owns U.S. trademarks on both its "GG" logo in diamond configuration (reg. #3072547) and its green and red stripe (reg. #1483526) for footwear, Guess seems to be almost taunting its higher-priced competitor.  On the other hand, there are definite if subtle differences in  the companies' respective Gs, the colors of the stripes, and the otherwise unprotected shoe designs. 

Still, if the question is whether a court would find a likelihood of confusion between the two, I'd hate to (be) Guess.

Thanks, Hunner!