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Scholastic Clothes

If Thomas Aquinas were alive today, he'd probably have something to say about fashion and copying -- after all, he had something to say about pretty much everything else, including law.

In the absence of direct revelation, Counterfeit Chic surmises that the prolific saint might have approved of CFDA Executive Director Steven Kolb's comment in today's New York Times, which appears in the context of an article by Eric Wilson about a manufacturing trade group's refusal to approve a carefully negotiated legislative compromise.  Kolb noted that the path to passage of the Design Piracy Prohibition Act would now be more difficult, but added, "Either way, people who borrow from others are probably already thinking twice about it."

Thomas emphasized the pedagogical function of law -- while it can't directly "make men good," it can lead them to engage in good acts, which in turn predisposes them to virtue.  (ST I-II, Q. 92, Art. 1.)  Even a proposed law might have a similar effect if, for whatever reason, it causes copyists to think twice. 

And with Thomistic logic on its side, the bill still has a hope and a prayer.