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Project Parody

Are the small screen toils and triumphs of Project Runway's aspiring designers already fading from memory?  Then check out this report on Project Lameway, a San Francisco charity event sponsored by vintage emporium Retrofit to benefit Creativity Explored.  Not only did Nina, Michael, and Heidi lookalikes show up to judge the designs, but "Tim Gunn" was on hand to offer advice and encouragement. 

Tim Gunn impersonator for Project Lameway

With some of the buzz around the show fading, backwards-writing contestant Elisa Jimenez mischievously noting that "runway" reversed reads a sleepy "yawnur," and even finalist Jillian Lewis telling WWD that the producers need to "change the format or something" to maintain interest, at least the parody version will offer a few surprises. 

As for Counterfeit Chic, it's definitely time to turn off the TV and get back to work!