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Scent of a Woman

On the same day that the Catholic Church unveiled 7 new deadly sins, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was revealed as having a bit of trouble with one of the old ones.  The professional moralizer, now known as "Client 9" of a high-end prostitution ring, may not remain in elected office for long.  But surely such a clever individual will land on his feet.  The counterfeiting industry, for one, could use his alleged money-laundering skills -- unless cross-border trafficking is more his style.

On a personal note, I only encountered Spitzer in the flesh, so to speak, on one occasion:  this past Valentine's Day, when I was in Washington for a congressional hearing on intellectual property and design and he was in Washington for...well, I guess now we all know.  A few of the other folks entering the Rayburn Building went over to shake hands with him, but I didn't join the queue -- good thing, too, given where those hands had just been.  No wonder the governor was looking so pleased with himself at the time. 

Photoshop image via Gothamist